Be Careful While Driving a Rental Car on Paxos Island

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rent a car Undoubtedly renting a car is a convenient way to explore the beauty of the place your visit during the holidays. Therefore, there is no surprise if you plan to rent a car while going for a holiday on Paxos Island in Greece. Although the island is too small to rent a car, The car hire in Gaios Paxos will offer you the privilege of exploring the beauty of this small island at your convenience.

Here it would be necessary to mention that driving in Greece is different from other countries, and you need to be more alert on the roads. Moreover, as Greeks do not follow traffic rules strictly, following them may put you in trouble. Therefore, you need to be careful while driving a rental car on Paxos Island.

  1. Normal Age for Renting a Car: The age for renting a car in Greece is between 23 years, and 70 years. Moving ahead a person is required to carry an international driving license and two years of driving experience. Also, remember that only the authorised person who has applied for renting the car and holds a valid license is only allowed to drive the rental car. If you want anyone from your group to also drive the car, then it is important to mention his name also in the contract signed with the car rental agency.
  2. Right-Hand Side Driving: As mentioned above. driving in Greece is different from other countries. Here you have to drive to the right side of the road. This can be difficult for people from Australia, the UK, South Africa and tourists from different corners of the world. One thing that needs to be kept in concern is that people in Greece do not follow traffic rules and therefore if you find someone overtaking your car from the left side of your vehicle, don’t follow their practice as it can put you in trouble. Because if you are caught by the local traffic police then its officials may charge a heavy fine for breaking the traffic rules.
  3. Toll-Plazas: There would hardly be any highway in the world without a toll plaza and therefore roads in Paxos are no exception to this. Here also you will find toll plazas on highways.
  4. Roads on Island: Driving on the hilly road is always risky and this is going to be riskier in Paxos, due to its hillside location. As most of the roads have deep curves the drivers have to be careful while driving and control their speed. Moving ahead the roads are narrow and the traffic signs are mostly in the Greek language, therefore it might be difficult for you to understand those signs. To avoid any problems on roads it is recommended to update the maps application of your mobile and carry an updated GPS.
  5. Insurance: Most car renting agencies in Greece offer you the facility of driving unlimited kilometres daily and a loss damage waiver (LDW) coverage for an accident. If you have LDW then a small amount will be taken from the security amount you deposited at the time of signing the contract with the car rental agency. This amount may however be charged only if you are found the culprit of the accident. At the time of returning the car, the driver has the power to ask for a full damage waiver or extra coverage.

These are some factors which you should keep in concern while driving on Paxos Island.


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